Why Some Animals and Even Humans Hate Pelicans

Pelicans are these big-billed pesky birds, who aren’t really known for how loveable and elegant they are, like, say, swans. In fact, these birds are really weird. One thing about them is that they’re super ambitious and will try to eat anything they can get their hands on. Just take a look at all these disproportionately large animals that they try to chomp on. These opportunistic feeders have a wide palette, and a wide beak for that matter. But their brains aren’t as big as their beaks, hence all these goofy pelican moments caught on camera! When they’re not busy yawning in a way many might consider plain rude, their busy stealing other animals and people's food. All the while, scoping up live pigeons with their beaks. Yup, stick around to find out why even pigeons have just about had it with pelicans. Without further ado, let us show you several other reasons why animals, birds and even some humans hate these majestic creatures! For Any Copyright Concerns, Contact Us at our email address. We will act upon your query immediately.

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