These Heroic People Gave New Lives To These Animals

From a new lease on life to orphaned babies that wouldn’t have survived otherwise - sometimes, sad stories have very happy endings. These people went above and beyond to help their fellow-creatures, sometimes saving their lives in the process. Animals can bring so much enrichment to our lives - if only we’d let them. Today, we have 15 stories of people who adopted some stranded, abandoned animals and gave them a new lease on life. Many are wild animals that might not have ever asked for the help - but managed to find the right person at the right time. Make sure you keep your tissues handy because we have some on today’s list that can bring a tear to just about anyone’s eye. You’ll have to watch through to the end to see what I mean! 0:00 Introduction 0:50 ABANDONED BABY FOAL SAVED FROM A MOUNTAINSIDE 1:41 KOALA RESCUED VIA CANOE FROM FLOODWATERS 2:27 MONKEY SPENDS EIGHT YEARS IN A BOX, FINALLY FREED 3:38 STAYS AND ABANDONED PETS RESCUED IN UKRAINE 4:45 STRAY CAT FINALLY HAS A SAFE HOME 5:20 ORPHANED JOEY NURSED BACK TO HEALTH 6:51 STREET DOGS RESCUED AND BROUGHT TO SAFETY FROM UKRAINE 7:40 JOEY RESCUE NURSES UNDERSIZED-ROO BACK TO HEALTH 8:52 COCKATOO LIVES OUT THE REST OF HER LIFE LOVED 10:17 WOLF DOG RESCUED AS FAMILY PET AND RETURNED TO A SANCTUARY 11:33 BABY MONKEY FINDS GOAT BEST FRIEND WHEN HE LOSES HIS MOTHER 12:16 RESCUED BABY ELEPHANT JOINS ORPHANED PACK AND QUICKLY BONDS 14:04 WORKHORSE SAVED AND CARED FOR BY RANCH, INSPIRES A RESCUE OPERATION 15:03 DOG RESCUED AFTER BEING STRANDED IN A STORM 16:23 PUPPIES SAVED FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD

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