Meet the rarest snakes in the world. These animals are not only mysterious and dangerous, some species are also very strange. Here is the list of the strangest snakes in the world. -Saharan horned viper This serpent has a pair of horns, one on each eye, giving it a malevolent and even diabolical aspect, these two are formed by a single hardened scale. -Malagasy leaf-nosed snake This snake is serious when it comes to mimicking the environment. -Long-nosed Whip Snake The most interesting thing about this snake is that it has an elongated snout and an intense green collation, characteristics that helps it blending into the vegetation. -Tentacled Snake This South Asian snake looks like a gigantic snail without a shell. It has two tentacles in the upper part of the jaw that help it when it comes to eating. -Elephant trunk snake This strange non-poisonous snake attracts everyone's attention because it has an extremely wrinkled skin that looks like an elephant. -Long-nosed viper This snake is really interesting because in its snout it a series of scales that form a soft and flexible appendix that can measure 0.20 inches. -Tiger Keelback snake It is characterized by having a green and black body with black and orange spots on its back, similar to the skin of a tiger. -Dragon Snake This snake is similar to a crocodile because it has a dark coloration and hard scales that stand out in the dorsal area of ​​its body, which is why it received the name of Dragon Snake. -Rhinoceros viper This viper has a frontal horn, formed by two or three large scales, which is accompanied by other small horns, as if it was a rhino. -Blunthead tree snake This snake is famous for its slender body and wide head. In addition, it has huge eyes giving the impression that someone is crushing them and trying to get them out of their sockets. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Us: Trend Max is an education and entertainment channel dedicated to creating interesting Tops, Lists and more. Do not miss a single video SUBSCRIBE NOW. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Us: Facebook : Google+ : Twitter : Instagram :

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