The RAREST Cat Breeds In The World

The RAREST Cat Breeds In The World All cats are good cats! But did you know about the rarest cat breeds that exist No, not the big cats - these are domestic cats too. These expensive cat breeds are a cat lover’s paradise because imagine knowing your pet cat was an ancient Egyptian deity. Or that your odd-eye-colored kitty cat would be the reason for your death if you tried to keep it back in the day. Look at these fluffy monsters having entire lore of their own! Oh and please remember to be kind to the unconventionally beautiful cat breeds too, like the extremely rare Lykoi. It looks like a werewolf but it’s just a mischievous little kitten at heart. The same goes for the well-known but very expensive breeds such as the Sphynx and the Peterbald. In fact, it is their uniqueness that makes them beautiful! From the smallest chatterbox that is the Singapura to the ferocious tallest cat, Savannah cat - the cat world packs a lot more diversity than it’s given credit for. We’ve got the cuteness of the Scottish Fold and the elegance of the Serval, and then there’s the supermodel - Caracal. So, enjoy discovering the rarest, most unique cat species out there, and prepare yourself for having an insane cat fever! Intro 0:00 The Egyptian Mau: 0:18 The Savannah: 1:16 The Khao Manee: 2:15 The Singapura: 3:05 The Lykoi: 3:52 The Peterbald: 4:36 The Sphynx: 5:12 The American Wirehair: 5:48 The Ocelot: 6:33 The Scottish Fold: 7:10 The Serval: 7:42 The Caracal: 8:13 ► Subscribe For New Videos! ► ► Subscribe For New Videos! ► Follow Us On Social Media Twitter Facebook ► For copyright issues, send us an email at : [email protected]

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