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We'll show you the knitting basics, such as how to knit stitch and how to cast on when knitting, so you can get started today! For project details and a printable, please visit: Subscribe: In this video, you will learn how to: 1:03 - Choose your knitting needles 1:42 - Choose your knitting yarn 2:08 - How to cast on when knitting 5:15 - How to knit stitch when knitting 7:44 - How to purl stitch when knitting 9:40 - How to bind off when knitting Knitting supplies: 1. Yarn 2. Knitting needles 3. Finishing needles 4. Scissors Watch some more of Hobby Lobby’s knitting how to videos: Arm Knitting - Arm Knitting: Stitches - Arm Knitting: Casting On - Arm Knitting: Casting Off - Knitting Basics: Cute & Simple Cuff Bracelet - Knitting Basics: How to Read A Knitting Pattern - Shop some of Hobby Lobby’s knitting supplies here: Follow Hobby Lobby: Pinterest: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Find your nearest location:

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