Kestrels Brave it Out After Several Brutal Raids on their Nest by Tawny Owls and a Jackdaw

These kestrels manage to hold on to their nest despite a series of brutal raids. Watch on to see kestrel v tawny owl, kestrel vs jackdaw. Sadly the kestrel pair lose two out of seven eggs during the scuffle to defend their precious brood, but they carry on in spite of the problems and go on to incubate the remaining five. Watch as first a tawny owl barges past the female kestrel, ignoring her screeches of protests, and crushes an egg in the scuffle that follows. Not long afterwards, the kestrel nest is raided again, this time by a jackdaw, and yet another egg is lost. Then the tawny owl is back again and tragically destroys yet another precious egg . But, where most birds would have abandoned their eggs, this stalwart kestrel pair carry on! Follow the full story of these kestrels on my blog here: About Me: I am a British wildlife artist based in Thixendale, North Yorkshire. I use nestcams to study animal behaviour so that I can capture the individual characters of my wild subjects in paint. I've shared the best of my video research on this channel. I hope you enjoy it! See more too on my website: Music Credit: #kestrel #kestrelnest #kestrelvstawnyowl #kestrelvsjackdaw

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