10 Scary Things You'll Miss If You Blink!

10 Scary Things You'll Miss If You Blink! If you're new, Subscribe! → http://goo.gl/djmfuX Fact File is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video! #viral #amazing #FactFile #animals Did you know the average human blinks twenty times every minute. Blinking helps your eyes stay moist and clears debris. When you don't blink, your cornea may swell, and your eyes will lose the nutrients it needs. So, let's say you can't catch a glimpse of the world at a glance. A lot can happen within a millisecond. How exactly does this happen You'll find out soon. If you're a lone wolf, you may reconsider after this video. This video takes a quick look at ten scary things you'll miss when you blink. So let's start the countdown without any further ado. 10. A young girl dancing to the camera It's the era of social media, and everyone wants to show off their dance steps. This young girl is not left out of the razzmatazz as she must show the world what she got. Unfortunately, she is more concerned with her moves rather than her environment. There seems to be a ghostly person behind the staircase looking at her. A closer look at the footage reveals a young woman who looks pale. Her figure is questionable as we can't say for sure the planet it emanated from. The creature's expression is blank, and it makes you wonder about its mission. I bet this lady would have screamed for help if she noticed this earlier. Yuck! This is terrific! 1:11 - 1:4 https://www.youtube.com/redirect.php?w=dB_SRqvoPQs 9. A tik tok user scare A tik tok user posted a video she tagged the scariest moment of her life. Here's what happened in this seemingly regular video. She was filming the room with her boyfriend. What was supposed to be a goofy moment turned out to be the scariest moment of her life. As the video starts, we see her and her boyfriend talking about weird noises in their room. He doubts her at first but then, he moves closer to see things for himself. He didn't get to the door before he noticed movements around the door. It was swinging and bashing like a friend was trying to scare them. The door suddenly pushes open by itself, and the boy jumps on the bed in fear. The couple lives alone in the house, and it's okay to say there was no one behind the door. Their reaction didn't seem like they were joking. What would you do if it were you Does this pass for a ghostly appearance too 1:45 - 2:30 https://www.youtube.com/redirect.php?w=dB_SRqvoPQs 8. Events in a haunted house You could be living in a haunted house, unknowingly. How then do you know those strange creatures aren't after you Sometimes, these uncertain beings are not after places but personalities. As you watch this clip, you could be convinced that something is undoubtedly after this young woman. This young woman noticed bizarre movements in her house and even heard voices. She even claimed that the creature touched her cheeks as she slept. She made a step further by pouring flour on the floor to capture their footprints. The day before, she made a live video where a strange figure lurked behind. She didn't see the being, but her viewers did. After she zoomed in, she noticed two horrific-looking creatures at the window. It looked like they were spying at her. But why would these strange events follow her to another room Days later, she visits a hotel, and things are the same. The beautiful room is also haunted, and she doesn't enjoy peace. 2:31 - 5:55 https://www.youtube.com/redirect.php?w=dB_SRqvoPQs 7. Ghost on the menu It is normal to have security cameras in public places like restaurants. But this time, this camera captures something upsetting and odd. In the footage, we see a woman dining alone. Seconds later, she leaves the facility. Something awkward happens almost immediately. Her napkin strangely shuffles, but no, it was not her handiwork. Well, if it were only the napkin moving, we would pass it off as mere coincidence. Moments later, a chair moves, then another follows suit. A plate, menu, and cutlery also join in the movement spree. The cutlery is unable to withstand the force, so it crashes to the ground with a loud clang. People argue that this could be computer-generated imagery. If it was, why did the two women in the video turn around after the cutlery crashed on the floor Others also argue that the woman may have manipulated the items behind the scenes by pulling a string. Believe it or not, she walked out of the restaurant after she stood up. Is this another instance of ghosts meddling in human affairs Or maybe an old witch playing on our intelligence Why Too many questions are begging answers here. Hit the comment section if you have explanations to this paranormal activity.

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