10 Scary Pets People Actually Own

10 Scary Pets People Actually Own If you're new, Subscribe! → http://goo.gl/djmfuX Fact File is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video! #viral #amazing #FactFile #animals Not everyone takes dogs or cats for perfect pets. Some people's idea of pets is that of an animal that would rather scare the hell out of them. Whether these people are way over their heads or probably just looking for another thrill-seeking adventure right within the four corners of their house You're about to find out! Today we're going to be looking at ten scary pets people actually own. Be sure to stick around till the best pick because that one, you've never dreamt it possible! Let's begin, shall we Number 10: Snakes To many people, snakes are next to what they'd call their worst nightmare. And with about 138,000 people dying each year from snakebites, it's not hard to wonder why. But despite that, several reptile lovers won't refrain from keeping them around. From corn snakes to anacondas, many enthusiasts worldwide still go as far as keeping venomous ones like cobras, black mamba, and rattlesnakes as pets. Granted that a snake might indeed be lethal and that even without venom can strangle you to death, some snakes are unbelievably quiet, easy to maintain, and unlike most of our common pets, they don't require much exercise. However, snakes need precise habitats to survive and a regulated diet to make them safe as pets. Experts usually advise pre-killed mice, insects, or rabbits depending on the snake's size, but they should never be fed live prey! But if you're afraid of snakes and wonder how it would feel to have one as a pet, pause for a moment. Then, imagine your neighbour with one of these animals woke you up one midnight that his pet went missing from his room. Number 9: Alligator Like anyone else, you will be forgiven if you think that alligators cannot be domesticated, not to even imagine one as pets. But while you consider that is only possible in fantasy, many people actually own them. And why Because alligators can be very nice when they are not hungry. And for fans who could meet up with their food needs, they get to take them out shopping, dress them in fancy clothes, and even kiss them. While most of the alligators owned by pet lovers are babies (and we are sure you've figured that out by now), these animals would continue to grow bigger every day, making it more uncomfortable to keep them. And as they grow, it's good to always remember that they are from the wild. Though they may continue to feel cozy with you living around them, you should know that at any moment, they can tear you apart with their very sharp teeth, strong enough to bite through steel. So, it's more like signing your death warrant, even with an experienced handler. Number 8: Hippopotamus In all of Africa, home to some of the most dangerous animals globally, Hippos ranks very high on the list. Despite being herbivores, they are very greedy and can eat up to 80 pounds of food if given a chance. They attack aggressively and would deliver considerable damage to anything that wanders into their private space. But needless to say, the only viable way a hippo will possibly become your friend is if they're raised from calf-hood. And that's precisely what Tony and Shirley Joubert had done with this female hippo named Jessica. Jessica was found very close to Tony's house as a new-born in South Africa,2000 after a devastating flood swept her downstream away from her mother. She couldn't stand without support, and she definitely looked starved. But as a game ranger that he was, Tony was skilled in making milk formulas that helped save Jessica's life. Since then, Jessica got fixated on Tony and Shirley as her parents, and they've been living happily ever after. Though Jessica would sometimes wander off into the wild to play with her other hippo friends, she always makes her way home to sleep among the dogs, eat dinner with the family, and even play with visitors. Number 7: Skunk You might feel a little awkward to think that anyone would want these animals as pets, probably because of the foul-smelling liquid they release from their butt. But actually, the types of skunks that many people keep as emotional assistants are bred for the purpose. Because when they are about 2 to 5 weeks old, their scent glands get removed. So, they aren't any smellier than a typical house cat and are quite docile in a loveable manner. With that, many people have taken a liking towards them in some parts of the United States, the United Kingdom, and a couple of other countries where they are allowed to keep them. Baby skunks suit well as the children's friends, especially for families who have the knowledge and time to cater to their needs.

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