10 Most Beautiful Albino Birds in the World

10 Most Beautiful Albino Birds in the World Subscribe To Our Channel : http://bit.ly/4EverGreen 4 Ever Green is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people, beautiful animals and cute things that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video! On 4 Ever Green, we will help you in mindset productivity, whether it's how to make more money videos, beautiful animals, cute birds or going over the biggest mansions in the world, we show everything here! Make sure to subscribe for more awesome videos every week! God has blessed every bird on this planet with beautiful and attractive colors. However, there are some birds that have no color at all or are purely white! Seeing the popularity of our previous video on beautiful albino white animals, we thought it would be awesome to make a video on similar type of birds too, so in this video we have brought you the 10 most beautiful albino birds. These birds are affected by a rare medical condition known as Albinism. As we all know that melanin pigment is responsible for the coloration of our bodies. In albino birds, melanin is absent and therefore, they are completely white and have no other color. Probability of arising this condition is 1 in 2000 birds, which shows that albino birds are very rare. Still these white birds look very attractive and beautiful. let’s discuss the top 10 most rare albino birds in the world. 10. Albino Penguin The Albino Penguins are cute penguins that are extremely rare and vulnerable. It has pink eyes and white feathers. It is all white because it lost pigmentation due to a birth defect. Due to the clearly visible blood vessels in their eyes, they often have red eyes. It is difficult to determine the sex of this penguin. These lovely penguins are susceptible to eye and skin diseases because of the lack of black pigment. They are 11 inches tall and 1.1 lbs. Albinism can also affect their ability to collect food for themselves. Albino penguin has little chances of survival and is rejected by other penguins due to their unusual look. 9. Albino Kingfisher The Albino Kingfisher is a delightful bird that is mostly found in Singapore. It has long, pointed, sharp bills, large head, stubby tails, and short legs. Albinism affects only the pigmentation of their feathers, feet, beaks. They cannot produce melanin at all. This bird usually hunts insects, crustaceans, rodents, earthworms, fish, snakes, and frogs. The adult kingfisher can eat up to 100 fishes a day. Its flight is direct and rapid and becomes loud during the breeding season especially in the morning time. These birds usually inhabit trees, wires, and plains of Himalayas. Female kingfisher lay 7 round white eggs and hatch in 20 to 22 days. This bird has few predators and is partly migratory. Albino Kingfisher differs from other kingfishers because of their beautiful white color. 8. Albino Crow The Albino Crow is a lovely bird that is very rare and belongs to the Corvus genus. It has all white feathers and pink legs, feet, and bills. The color of their eyes is pink or red because of blood vessels behind their eyes. Because of its different appearance, this crow moves away from normal black crows. Albino Crows are not vulnerable to predators because of their pretty good size. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4EGYT Twitter: https://twitter.com/4EverGreens For more videos and articles visit our website: https://www.4evergreen.org/ family friendly pg clean #4evergreen #albino #birds For Any Copyright Concerns, Contact Us at our email address. We will act upon your query immediately.

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