10 Hero Animals Saving Humans Caught On Camera

10 Hero Animals Saving Humans Caught On Camera If you're new, Subscribe! → http://goo.gl/djmfuX Fact File is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video! #viral #amazing #FactFile #animals When you buy an animal, it’s expected that they will become your friend. But asides being a close buddy, some animals can save your life. Unbelievable So without further ado, we will look at ten hero animals saving humans caught on camera. Number 10 - Kilo takes a bullet for his owner. Kilo, a pit bull, lived in New York, United States. One evening, a criminal tried to invade Justin Becker, his owner's house, and Kilo didn't find this funny. The invader claimed he was a delivery man from FedEx and wanted to drop something off at Graniteville's apartment. When Kilo got wind of this deceit, he fought fiercely as the burglar tried to make his way through the front door. With the burglar laying on the floor, Kilo ran to protect his owner. In retaliation, the attacker shot him three times in his head. He immediately left without taking anything out of the house or harming anyone asides Kilo, of course. Kilo was rushed to South Shore Animal hospital where it was confirmed he did not suffer any brain injury. His owner did not believe that his pit bull would put out such a fierce challenge for an armed man. From that day onwards, Kilo was regarded as a hero in the neighborhood. Few days after the attack, Kilo was out on the street for his usual exercises. He had moved on quickly. https://twentytwowords.com/incredible-stories-of-pets-who-saved-their-owners-lives/ Number 9 - Angel saved Forman from a Cougar. Every human claims to have at least one guardian angel, but sometimes, they are not clad in white robes as we predict. A Canadian family dog saved her 11-year-old owner's life by intervening in what would have been a disaster. The 18-month old animal, seeing that Forman's life was in danger because a Cougar lurked by, immediately flung into action. What did the little boy's guardian angel do He stepped between Forman and the wild cat. He struggled with the wild animal for several minutes, and this allowed the boy to run home. Forman ran home to his mother to inundate her on the latest happening. She couldn't do anything at that moment because she was scared. Angel was battling for her life out there, and something needed to be done. Forman called 911, and after a few minutes, they were at the scene. The police fired two rounds at the Cougar, who was focused on Angel's neck. It was a fierce battle as the Cougar dug deeper. It was only when the police moved closer that the assailant was gunned down. Angel was severely injured, but he was thankful for the hero in him. Forman's mother declared the dog as their guardian angel. https://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/pets/canadian-family-golden-retriever-angel-saves-11-year-old-owner-cougar-attack-article-1.457315 Number 8 - Lions foil kidnapping If you are walking on the road and coincidentally come across a lion, what comes to mind To run and never look back! If you told this 12-year old Ethiopian girl that a lion would come to her aid when she needed it most, she'd probably think you are insane. On her way from school, she was abducted, like is the case in Ethiopia where many women are kidnapped and forced into marriage. Seven men snatched her because they claimed she was destined to marry a member of the community. Lions are a symbol of Ethiopia's national unity, and as such, a lot is expected from them. When three lions heard a young girl crying in the wild, they drew closer. Behold, seven men were beating the helpless teenager. They scared them away and kept the victim company until the police arrived at the scene. While she was glad to be free, she stood in awe at the actions of these cannibals. The police testified that the lions stood guard until the teenager was found. Soon after she was rescued, they went back into the forest. Their job was executed excellently well. But hey, we didn't hear about the punishment meted to her attackers. https://petslady.com/article/pride-lions-save-kidnapped-ethiopian-girl/ Number 7 - Sealion prevents suicide On September 25, 2000, what would have been a suicide was foiled thanks to a God sent sea lion. A teenager got into a bus heading toward the Golden Gate bridge. As the bus navigated through the lonely road, the 19-year-old was drenched in his tears and hoped that someone would talk to him. Sadly, no one did. Apparently, everyone minded their business. When he got down from the bus, he headed straight to the Golden Gate Bridge – it was time to leave this world. As he plunged into the sea, he fell 220 feet, which is almost the height of a 25 story building within four seconds. As he sank in, it dawned on him that he had made the worst decision.

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