In this video, you’re gonna see animal heroes like cats and dogs. But … whales, tigers, and lions are also included Of course, they are! There’s even a pigeon that saved an entire battalion! Find out how she did it next. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lulu, the savior piggy This pot-bellied domestic pig could outperform the bravest dog. This remarkable case happened in 1998, when her owners Mila, the lifesaver beluga whale Is drowning your greatest fear If so, pay attention to this story. This time, the rescuer is a beluga whale named Mila. Tara, the hero cat This story went viral around the world! Tara is a kitten adopted by a family in California in 2008, but in May 2014, he became a world-famous hero! Ning Nong, elephant versus tsunami This story of heroism took place on December 26, 2004, when Thailand suffered a tsunami off the Phuket shore. A savior in striped suit. By nature, tigers are wild predators but you will be surprised by this one that fought tooth and claw to protect his human! Whales to the rescue If you’re a fan of whales, this story will shock you! Marine biologist Nan Hauser has been diving with wild whales for the past 28 years. Khan, a canine hero In 2007, the Svillcics adopted a Doberman Pinscher named Khan – dubbed “The Wonder Dog” later on - from an animal shelter. Lioness vs. Lion At times, even the King of the Jungle must be taught a lesson, especially when he endangers the life of a person. But what you wouldn’t expect is that his female partner teaches him the lesson! Binti Jau, gorilla saves a child In the movie Baby's Day Out, you can see how a gorilla saves a baby from thieves. In real life, Binti Jau, a western lowland gorilla... The winged warrior, Cher Ami There were some heroes in World War I who weren’t human beings. For example, this one is none other than a feathered hero called Cher Ami... About Us: Trend Max is an education and entertainment channel dedicated to creating interesting Tops, Lists and more. Do not miss a single video SUBSCRIBE NOW.

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